Saturday, April 21, 2012

Small Business Management

All that I have left to do in P5 is attend my Monday Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking class and hand in my take-home final for Being a CEO. That means that all the rest of my time will be devoted to my job search.

On Thursday, I completed my Being a CEO and Small Business Management courses. In our last Small Business Management class, we talked about family businesses and the difficulties that are inherent in their structures. We learned that it is especially hard when the business reaches the third generation, the cousins' stage, and it made me think of the movie The Descendants. Also, it reminded me of the "wonder, thunder, plunder, blunder" phrase that a friend once told me. I found a great article about the blunder stage from the Family Business Institute that should be helpful to anyone who is involved in a family business. Sadly, the end of my Small Business Management course probably also means the end of using clickers in the classroom, which was a lot of fun and a great use of technology. The New York Times even wrote about the benefits of clickers recently (article here).

A few days ago, I received notification that I had been accepted as a volunteer for C2-MTL. However, since then, scheduling conflicts have arisen and I am no longer sure that I will be able to participate. I really hope that it will work out because this event will be an amazing opportunity - Michael Eisner, Francis Ford Coppola, and Arianna Huffington will be there!

HEC Montreal was in La Presse recently, in an article about the evolving MBA programs in Quebec. The original French version of the article is here, but the not-too-poorly-translated Google Translate English version is here.

Lastly, I am happy to report that the National Film Board (NFB) has received several Webby Award nominations. That means that they already have great online resources to put into place the marketing action plan that my P8 team will recommend this summer.

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