Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fifth Element

At a permanent height of just over five feet tall, I never thought I would ever be asked to be a model. But today, I have been preparing for my modelling debut which will take place tomorrow morning. I was invited to be a model for the Fondation HEC Montreal annual report and I graciously accepted. I hope my first ever photo shoot goes well! See my new 'do below and check out all the GMAT prep books I still have on my shelves behind me!

As I begin to prepare for the upcoming semester, I have been having difficulty committing to a choice for my fifth class. I feel like Goldilocks! Now that I have made my third decision, I am hoping to stay with this one (Selling and Negotiating). I can't believe I'm only one day out of P5 and I'm already thinking about P6.

I was invited to complete the Bloomberg Businessweek 2012 Graduate Survey today, which I did honestly. Well, actually, Weiss Lori did. I look forward to seeing the B-school rankings once they are available!

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