Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For the Record

Last night, I learned that an official report found that "the trendsetting city of North America" for indie music is right here in Montreal. The Discover Magazine article can be found here. I've said that Montreal rocks before, but this time it's literally true!

Inspired by the finding, I watched I Need That Record! on Netflix. At one point in the movie, MBAs were blamed for the destruction of the music industry. Essentially, they said that, when profit-hungry MBA graduates started working at record labels without really understanding music, things really fell apart. Shaky camerawork aside, the film did a good job of showing the contradictory roles of music as an art and music as a business.

And once again, my past and present have collided in a news story. My previous immigration work experience was the reason for my piqued interest in the CBC News article about a new potential immigration stream for entrepreneurs with viable startup ideas. Since my Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking articles for next week's class discuss the immigration aspect of entrepreneurship in Canada, I thought the news was particularly timely.

Today was my last day of Global Marketing and Managing Products and Brands. I have truly enjoyed both classes and I was sad to have them end. Fortunately, I will have more courses with both of these professors in the weeks to come. There was a good article in Canadian Business today that touched upon the product lifecycle lessons that we learned in our final Managing Products and Brands class this afternoon.

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