Saturday, April 7, 2012

Behind the Scenes

I can't believe it's been a few days since I lasted posted. This week has really flown by! Thursday was a really big day, that started at Rideau. My Small Business Management team interviewed Rideau's COO Stephen Hart to get insight into the company for our final group assignment. My fellow teammates commented that it was the best two hours we've had during the entire MBA! It's true - it really was such a fascinating experience learning about the growth of this family-owned company, and then getting a tour of their production facilities. It's rare to get such a behind the scenes look and we felt very privileged to have seen it firsthand.

Yesterday was focused on my upcoming assignments. I have two Marketing case reports due next week:  SK-II:  Damage Control in China for Managing Products and Brands and Franz Collection, Inc.:  The Road From Subcontracting to Brand Marketing for Global Marketing. Cases, in general, are so time-consuming to prepare, but I do enjoy how they make me think about Marketing.

As for today, I went to see Jeff, Who Lives at Home and then had lunch at the new Grumman 78 at Faubourg afterwards (photo above). I highly recommend the Banh Mi - delicious! Tonight, I will be celebrating Passover and relaxing. Tomorrow, it's back to the case report grind.

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