Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Second MBA

My eyes are bloodshot and my back and neck are sore after working this whole day, arched over the computer. I was working on my SK-II case for Managing Products and Brands, the Blackstone case and take-home final exam for Being a CEO, and my Small Business Management team project. Tonight, I'll be having a Skype meeting for my Global Marketing case. The work never ends.

I caught the above clip on Fast Company from their 30 Second MBA series. Christy Tanner, EVP and General Manager of TV Guide Digital, actually brings up two good points to consider when deciding whether to do an MBA:  1) the financial investment and 2) on the job vs. academic training. But in my mind, they are reasons for why you do not need to think twice about doing an MBA at HEC Montreal.

First, let's look at tuition fees. As a Quebec resident, I pay just over $7,000 for the entire year I'm in school. Also, it is my understanding that the international students tend to get scholarships that bring their tuition to around the same amount. As far as I know, HEC Montreal is one of the least expensive MBA programs in the world. Not to mention, my professors have studied and worked at Harvard, MIT, etc. HEC Montreal's MBA program is truly a value proposition! Secondly, I would never have learned the things I'm learning without doing the MBA. I've learned from a vast array of subjects that I never would have had exposure to otherwise. There you have it - my 30 Second MBA contribution.

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