Thursday, March 29, 2012

Online Brand

It's hard to believe that, just a couple hours ago, I was eagerly sitting in my Small Business Management class discussing the Tutti Matti case. Now I'm about ready to crash, even though my mind is still racing thinking about all the work I have to get through this weekend.

People often ask me how I have time to manage my blog during the MBA program. Well, one wise alumnus from HEC Montreal advised me of the importance of having at least one "thing" outside of school during the MBA. She was absolutely right. For me, it's my blog. I have very little free time, but when I have it, I spend it focusing on my blog. It's something I enjoy, providing me with stress relief and a great way to capture the ideas I've been learning along the way. I was reading an article today about the importance of maintaining a strong personal online brand, so hopefully in the end my creative outlet will be doubly beneficial, allowing me to record my memories, but also develop a positive online presence.

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