Saturday, March 24, 2012

My eXistenZ

My schedule is such that I am spending this Saturday night reading about the American Motors Corporation and the success of Mitt Romney's father for my Being a CEO class. Politics aside, I am not usually this person. I strongly believe in having a work-life balance (or in this case, a school-life balance), but with my new classes and assignments, there is little time for anything outside of school. And FYI, work-life balance is not just a personal concern; it is also key for saving the US economy (see here).

At least I have already accomplished a lot this weekend. Yesterday, I met with my Managing Products and Brands team to start preparing for our Flare Fragrances case presentation which will be this week. I also went to a meeting for my Campus Abroad Russia trip, which is looking to be a very exciting two weeks this summer! Today has been focused on my Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking assignments, which allowed me to bring up my Cultural Studies learnings. Who knew that my viewing of the film eXistenZ  for a Cultural Studies course would come to inspire me during my MBA studies?

For anyone who speaks French, I strongly recommend watching the video below featuring HEC Montreal alumnus Michael Long, who was a guest speaker during my Visionary class this week (his presentation in class was in English). His entrepreneurial story is inspirational, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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