Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Head Start

Although I did not accomplish as much today as I had hoped, I am very happy with what I have gotten through. My Managing Products and Brands team has prepared our case analysis of Flare Fragrances and it is nearly ready for tomorrow's submission. We have also discussed our presentation, so we are set for tomorrow's rehearsal.

I also managed to get through nearly 100 pages of reading for next week's Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking! I knew I would need to get a head start on the reading because I looked at the associated assignment and it seemed like it would be pretty time-consuming. In the end, I was right - it took an extremely long time to do some deep thinking about my vision. At least I was finally able to get ahead on something this semester!

My P8 team has also made some headway, as we have scheduled a screening with the NFB for the film we will be working on marketing this summer. Fortunately, with this opportunity, we'll get to start thinking about our project in May.

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