Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Exams

We had our Strategic Management II final exam this afternoon, so we only have three exams left to go. After the exam, I read this article about the link between culture and strategy, and frankly I found it to be pretty helpful as a review for my Strategic Human Resources Management final exam that will be tomorrow. The article emphasized the importance of people within the organization and creating a culture that supports the company's strategy. This sounds exactly like the main message our HR professor highlighted:  The HR strategy should support the business strategy!

Thinking about exams, I suddenly had a brief flashback of what it was like to take final exams during my undergrad at McGill. For most of us, we would take our finals in a huge room in the gym, alongside many other students taking exams for several different classes. Because of this makeshift exam room, there was often a humorous element - a desk that would spontaneously collapse, someone sneezing uncontrollably, etc. At least I can laugh about it now!

With my HR review done and my Finance formula sheet complete (above), I just have to prepare my notes for my open-book Operations exam, and then I'll be all set. Two more days and then my stress headache will be gone!

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