Monday, February 13, 2012

The Goal

Long day! This morning, my CSR case competition team met up with our coach to debrief on our  competition, which was strangely only a few weeks ago. We were able to provide him with recommendations for next year's team and provide some insight from our experience.

At noon, my P8 Supervised Consulting Project team met with the field project coordinator. Hopefully, my team will be able to get a project that suits our interests. Since it is better to seek our own projects, rather than wait for the coordinator's project proposals, I am going to start contacting the people in my network who might be able to help us with this assignment. I will probably begin with my contacts at the National Film Board (NFB) and Ubisoft.

In the afternoon, I had a chance to have a phone chat with a friend's contact at UCLA, to speak about my interest in administrative positions at UCLA that have an international component. If all goes well with that contact, I will be able to expand my network within the UCLA community.

Somehow I also managed to fit into the day a brief meeting with the Corporate Finance II TA (for Wednesday's quiz) and a significant amount of reading from The Goal for Operations. My goal is to finish the book soon, so I can move on to another school subject!

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