Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chaos Theory

This is a really hard time of year to trudge through the MBA program. I think everyone is in need of sunlight, sanity, and an escape from the core courses. It doesn't help that we're already into our third week of P4 and yet we only have two final letter grades from P3. Usually our professors are much quicker to update our final grades.

My group has an HR assignment that's due on Thursday, but we've only barely started. Actually, the way that my team works is quite amazing. We seem to do things in pure chaos, but somehow in the end produce successful results. It's a style I'm not quite used to, but for P4 I have decided to go with the flow. Anyway, our HR team assignment demands that we compare the HR strategies of Zappos and Novo Nordisk. It was quite timely that I caught this article about creating brand evangelists through social media, and of course, Zappos is heralded as an ideal.

There are some companies/names that always come up in the MBA program:  Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, etc. However, I was caught off guard when our Strategy professor noted the film Pink Ribbons, Inc. today! A National Film Board (NFB) movie being mentioned in an MBA class. Wow! I was temporarily reminded of the good old days studying Cultural Studies at McGill.

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