Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wealth of Information

Wow! I am shocked to learn that, for the first time, Canadians are wealthier than Americans. See the article here. Why am I looking at jobs in the US, then? As a dual Canadian-American citizen who has employment opportunities in both countries, I definitely need to keep both options open.

Now that I am developing a marketing plan for a film about women's rights in Canada, I seem to find articles everywhere about this issue, or related subjects. In fact, the Montreal Gazette featured a blog entry entitled "Female participation in the Olympic Games - we've come a long way... or have we?" Though "London 2012 is the first Olympic Games to have female athlete representation from every participating country," the article's writer questions women's social equality in the Olympic Games.

Because of my recent trip to Moscow, I was excited to learn that a Moscow architecture firm called Za Bor has developed a creative workspace solution for cramped cities. The firm and their office of the future have been featured in Fast Company's Co.Design section here.

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