Saturday, August 11, 2012

End of P8

On Thursday morning, I attended a breakfast to welcome the new cohort's international students. It was a great opportunity for the graduating MBA students to share words of wisdom with the new class. After the breakfast and presentation by International Student Services, I led a tour of the Cote St. Catherine HEC Montreal building, to orient students and answer their questions.

It's hard to believe that yesterday was our last full day of the P8 semester. Though my team still has to wait until Tuesday to give our presentation to the National Film Board (NFB), and we have to submit a final reflection paper and team evaluation afterwards, we are done with our written marketing plan and PowerPoint file. We spent yesterday formatting the paper and practicing our presentation. Then, we went out to dinner to celebrate at Juliette & Chocolat and it truly warmed my heart when my team paid for my dinner, since I had secured the NFB mandate. Thank you, 5 Senses Marketing Team!

Now, I will be spending the weekend reading for next week's P9 classes and practicing my part of the NFB presentation. Related to the film my team has been working on, Fast Company had a couple articles recently that deal with women's issues:  "How to Create a Company That Won't Fail? Put Women On Your Board" and "How Women Lead Differently, And Why It Matters."

I also noticed a Techvibes article that mentioned how Waterloo is promoting itself as Canada's innovation hub (see here). Though Montreal and other Canadian cities may seem like obvious centres of technology, it is not surprising to find Waterloo as a self-proclaimed hub. After all, the city is home to Research In Motion (RIM).

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