Friday, August 3, 2012

Winning Advice

It is hard to believe there are only 27 days left until the end of the MBA program. In fact, what is crazier is to know that we still have to complete our P8 consulting project, make our presentation to the National Film Board (NFB), and take two classes all within those few days.

While collaborating on our PowerPoint presentation for the NFB, I shared words of wisdom with my team, care of Guy Kawasaki. One of my other classmates had sent me the video below, where Kawasaki describes his 10-20-30 rule. Though my group will not be using only 10 slides, we will be heeding the rest of Kawasaki's advice.

I am also happy to announce that my team is already on a winning path. For all P8 teams who found their own consulting project mandates (rather than selecting one of the projects organized by HEC Montreal), we were entered into a drawing for $1000. Yesterday, MBA Program Director Michael Wybo did the drawing and my team won! As Charlie Sheen would say, "Winning!"

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