Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exercise Your Right to Vote

With only two more days left in the MBA program, we are officially in the home stretch. Since my Responsible Marketing team will be one of the last to present on Thursday, we will be working and waiting until the bitter end. This afternoon, I was developing the PowerPoint file for our Honest Tea/Susan G. Komen case and tomorrow morning, we will hopefully be finalizing the assignment, so that we can practice our presentation.

Although school has still been busy in this P9 semester, I managed to make time to go on a brief trip to Ottawa over the weekend and attend last night's AEMBA appreciation dinner at Jardin de Panos. Good luck to the new AEMBA candidates!

Speaking of elections, I voted in my first ever Canadian election yesterday in an advance poll! With my new Canadian citizenship, I exercised my right to vote, which of course called to mind the catchy tune from Tanner '88 below.

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