Monday, August 6, 2012

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I saw the headline "Want to Have More Fun? Go on a Mission" and I couldn't help but read the ensuing article. As someone who typically tries to stay positive and is always looking to have fun, I was curious to learn the one method to boost happiness. It turns out that the key is to have a mission, a purpose. One of my life missions is definitely to travel to every European country, and my quest certainly makes globetrotting more fun.

Yesterday, I went to Osheaga and it turned out to be one of the craziest things I've ever done. Between the oscillating weather extremes (insufferable sun and heat to torrential chilly downpour), massive crowds of people, mud everywhere, and a full day of standing and dancing, it was certainly a long day. But of course, it was worth it! After seeing awesome performances by Zola Jesus (which was, sadly, cut short due to the weather), Santigold, The Shins, Passion Pit, and Metric, I was happy to have experienced the Osheaga event.

Emily Haines during Metric's set

After my weekend fun, it was back to work at the National Film Board (NFB) today and we had quite a surprise! We learned that one of our core recommendations for the feminist film would not be suitable for the organization, and so in the last week of our consulting project, we are forced to quickly address this issue. Though it limits our recommendations, it has forced us to narrow the scope of our assignment and focus on the core things to address. While it is a setback for our team, it may prove to be beneficial for our paper and presentation in the end.

Fast Company published an article today called "Is This the Jeff Bezos of Russia?" featuring CEO Maelle Gavet. It was interesting to see that the journalist Max Chafkin had raised many of the same points that I had introduced in my final paper for Russia Campus Abroad, where I had explored technology and innovation in Russia. Though Chafkin's article is long, I recommend it to anyone who wants an accurate depiction of the Russian business environment.

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