Monday, August 13, 2012

Stars in My Eyes

It's shocking how much I feel that I have been thrust right back into the craziness of classes. After a weekend of kayaking and biking, and also watching the Quebec-made Monsieur Lazhar (Canada's 2012 official Oscar selection for the Best Foreign Language Film category), I returned to school for my first day of P9 today. As per prior semesters, I already have readings and assignments to work on, even during this first week. After all, the P9 semester is only three weeks long!

I have also several times practiced my section of tomorrow's presentation to the National Film Board (NFB). I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the NFB again and letting them know what our team has been developing for the past five weeks for the P8 consulting project.

I recently joined The Daily Muse's Insider List which provides career tips. A recent email from The Daily Muse contained the following article:  "Work the Room:  How to Be the Star at a Networking Event." Since networking is an important skill to gain for all professionals, especially MBA students, I recommend reading the article and trying out its suggestions.

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