Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Space Between

I just finished reviewing and editing my team's marketing plan for the National Film Board (NFB). Though we initially planned to finalize the document by today, I believe we are pretty close to completing it. I am hoping to have it done by tomorrow, so that we can spend all day on Friday working on our presentation. I am so proud of my team and all that we have accomplished, especially in this last week.

Since today was our final day of work at the NFB office, as the remainder of our time on the project will be spent elsewhere, we took a final parting photo:

As my team's unofficial "chief editor," I often get asked grammar and punctuation questions. Today arose a question about spacing after periods, which seems arbitrary and funny, but actually it was interesting to briefly research the topic. There is a very passionate article on Slate entitled "Space Invaders:  Why you should never ever use two spaces after a period." I quite enjoyed the article and my team's discussion, and I am happy to report that one space after a period is the acceptable convention.

Regarding my team's dynamic and success, this may be due in large part to our group's size. According to the HBR blog entry "Why Less Is More in Teams," the optimal team size is four to five members. Since team effectiveness is such an important factor in business school, I think the aforementioned article would be of interest to anyone in an MBA program.

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