Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cite for Sore Eyes

According to Techvibes, Canada is a good place for budding entrepreneurs. It is true that Canada has a great social safety net which benefits not only startups but individuals, as well. In fact, I was just discussing this with my teammates on the car ride home from the National Film Board (NFB) yesterday.

While at the office yesterday, we had a meeting with the Marketing Manager to discuss the first draft of our marketing plan. Though she explained why some recommendations would not be feasible for the project, she was happy to see that we had developed several innovative ideas that the NFB has not yet used. Based on her feedback, we further refined our recommendations to make them more suitable for the film. But all in all, we got positive feedback, which we were happy to have received.

I have recently had many flashbacks to C2-MTL as a result of the news about Jonah Lehrer's Bob Dylan quote falsification. At C2-MTL, the fellow speaker was "called out" by Dr. Rex Jung due to his "scientific" ideas. But now that Lehrer has been accused of making up Bob Dylan quotes, his career might never be the same. Now my team can see why I insist on proper citations in our marketing plan!

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