Sunday, June 24, 2012

Works of Art

We finally got to sleep in today! After all the walking we've been doing and the time we've been spending in the sun, it was necessary. During the overcast and chilly morning, a few of us visited some metro stations along the brown line to explore and take photos of these architectural and artistic beauties. See my favorite photo below of the stained glass from inside the metro station, with two of my classmates casually standing by.

We didn't just ride the metro for fun, though. Halfway around the circular brown line, we stopped at the massive Ministry of Foreign Affairs and strolled along Arbat Street (see below).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Arbat Street

Stopping at the Princess Turandot statue in front of the Vakhtangov Theatre

Afterwards, four of us went to the ARTPLAY Design Center, which turned out to be an interesting experience. It wasn't exactly what we had expected, but we did see another side of Moscow and got to step inside a modern art exhibit, school, and neighbourhood. Rather than seeing Lenin, we saw Lennon (see below).

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