Saturday, June 23, 2012

Russian Dolls

Today started with a visit to Moscow's historical Kremlin. Our visit coincided with a military school graduation at the complex, which meant that there were endless military processions including dancing, music, and marching. It definitely added a different spirit to this walled-in area of religious buildings. Below are a couple photos of the military activities from inside the Kremlin.

In the afternoon, we headed over to the Izmailovo Market to pick up our souvenirs and practice our negotiation skills in the meantime. Though there were many classic Russian dolls, known as "matryoshka," I also quite adored the modern Winnie-the-Pooh version (see below). Also below, you will see a photo of two of my group members choosing their matryoshka at the market.

This evening, our group separated in two. While the majority of the group went to a low-key meal, eight of us went to a nearby Georgian restaurant that was absolutely delicious. It was great to try a variety of foods from a new cuisine, and of course, to have excellent company. On the way back to the hotel, as we walked through the busy Saturday night crowds, it was crazy to see so many women dressed up with insanely high heeled shoes navigating the uneven, cobblestone streets. In fact, I have noted that this seems to be very much a part of the modern Russian women's style every day, and is not just reserved for Saturday evenings.

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