Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Different Red Square

This was a great introduction to the Russian culture, history, and business environment that we were all seeking. We started off the day with a full breakfast at the hotel, followed by lessons at the hotel from our two coordinators, Pierre-Emmanuel and Olga. Pierre-Emmanuel gave us helpful tips about navigating the city and Olga presented us with information about Unilever and her role at the Russian office of the company.

GUM Department Store

Then, we went to Red Square where we took pictures and had lunch at the GUM department store (photos above). Following our lunch, we began a team scavenger hunt around the city which was a lot of fun. As the winners, my team nabbed some vodka, pickles, champagne, dried fish, chocolate, and candy as our prize (photo below). The day was topped off with dinner at a restaurant serving food from Azerbaijan. All in all, our first full day in Russia was a highly enjoyable one.

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  1. Vodka and chocolate, yes. Dried fish??

  2. Yes, I think it is called vobla (