Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Train of Thought

Well, this has been an "interesting" day! It started off well when we headed to Deloitte. Our presentation was led by Alexander Bragin, Partner, Tax and Legal Leader for Russia. He was very open about discussing corruption in Russia and how Deloitte avoids corrupt transactions (answer:  the company does not work with the public sector). It was an enjoyable visit and I am glad that I had the opportunity to peek inside a Deloitte office. While outside the office building, I took the dichotomous photo below that demonstrates Moscow's complex contradiction of old with new.

Later, in the afternoon, we took the high-speed train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The Moscow train station was hazy, hot, and filled with sketchy people. Fortunately, we did not stay there long and were quickly ushered outside the building. When we were on the train and loading our giant luggages onto the upper shelf, I captured a telling moment of a passenger worryingly looking above.

And although the train was moving at a rapid pace, I was still able to take a photo of the landscape as we forged ahead. It was a very picturesque ride (see below).

Finally, once we arrived at our destination, we were anxious to explore our new surroundings. Most of us headed out onto the St. Petersburg streets together, looking for a place to eat and drink. In the end, we were split into three groups, with my group ending up at Carl's Jr. of all places. Yes, we certainly won the jackpot with our American fast-food restaurant chain find.

Fortunately, we have several more days and many more chances to locate quality food in this city.

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