Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Not feeling well while on this trip is a huge bummer. Not only does it not feel good, it also feels like you are missing out on the experience. Thus, when I was feeling nauseous this morning, I happily accepted two Gravol that were handed to me by my group member. The only bad part was that I was extremely sleepy for the rest of the day. I slept on the entire bus ride to and from Klin and I slept on the bus while everyone else visited the Tchaikovsky House-Museum.

Once we arrived at the AB InBev brewery in Klin, I was still drowsy. Fortunately, I kept my eyes wide enough not to break any of the strict safety regulations. I even enjoyed a glass of Hoegaarden during the taste test where we were offered several varieties of beer. The AB InBev team was so nice to us, taking us through a long tour of the facilities, feeding us lunch, and giving us parting gifts. I feel bad that I was not fully alert during our time there. What I will always remember, though, is the passion and dedication that the employees showed at the brewery. Below is a nice photo of us in our safety gear.

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