Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woman About Town

On Friday night, I attended a thank you party for all of the C2-MTL volunteers. It was a great opportunity to see the friends I made during the event and recount stories of our experiences. We even started talking about C2-MTL 2013; if I am in Montreal, I hope to be there!

I am still in the preparatory stage for my Russia Campus Abroad trip. Before I leave, I will be adding on my Rogers travel pack to my phone, so I can talk and text a bit while I am away. I have also gotten a Yuko treatment on my hair yesterday (see photo below), so that I won't have to blow-dry or straighten my hair during my travels.

I also wanted to say Happy Father's Day! There are several fathers (and mothers!) in my cohort, and their ability to juggle their student lives with their personal lives is quite impressive.

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