Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End is Nearer

Another semester has ended! As I exited my Selling and Negotiating course this evening (my final MBA night class), it was officially the end of P6 for me. It was fitting that I took my graduation photos today, as I am one step closer to reaching the end of the program.

This morning, in Digital Marketing Strategy, one of the teams presented the Coca-Cola on Facebook case study. I was so impressed by their humorous video that I wanted to share it here on my blog for others to enjoy. Watch it below.

So, now that I am that much closer to graduation (and one year older and wiser), what is my advice to MBA students? I can say that making an assignment look nice and having a clean, clear presentation are key ingredients to a successful outcome. That is not to say that the content can be disregarded. However, it simply means that, when an excellent grade is achieved, it seems to come hand in hand with a nicely polished product.

With an undergraduate degree in Arts, this is something that I never really needed to think about before. I had previously submitted 10 page papers that had no graphics, just pure text with a continuous stream. However, for an MBA class, don't forget to create nice cover pages, use titles within the document, and produce creative and simple PowerPoint slides. These elements should not be overlooked.

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