Monday, June 4, 2012

The Party's Over

I wanted to thank everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! Since I worked hard to finish my schoolwork by Friday, I was able to truly enjoy the weekend with friends and family. In fact, while my dad was in town, I got a surprise birthday dessert at Aziatik!

As I return my focus to the MBA, though, it seems that there are some interesting business school reports in the news. The Globe and Mail stated that MBA students offer an excellent discounted alternative to businesses seeking the advice of consultants (article here). In fact, that is exactly what our P8 semester is designed to do. At the low price of only $7,500, businesses have the opportunity to get consulting services from diverse, professional HEC Montreal MBA teams. My team is actually currently in the midst of specifying our marketing mandate for the National Film Board (NFB).

Forbes also released a recent article about the potential obsolescence of MBA programs. The article raises excellent points about why one should invest in an MBA degree.

Today, I had an opportunity to speak with my P3 Corporate Finance I professor about the employment environment at universities in California, to help me in my career development. Since he had previously worked at Claremont McKenna College, he was able to provide me with insight from a California college.

It's hard to believe that this is the last week of P6. Yet another semester is flying by!

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