Monday, June 11, 2012

One Week Until Takeoff

The official countdown to Russia begins:  7 days! With only one week left until takeoff and so much to do before I go, this will definitely be a busy few days.

To prepare for our Russia Campus Abroad trip, we have had three sessions with our coordinators where we have learned about Russian history, culture, and corporations. Today, we had the final instalment of our Russian preparatory lessons and each of our teams presented background information about the companies we will be visiting.

We were also asked to list questions for the companies we will be visiting. Though I did not have any specific questions for the hosting organizations, I couldn't stop thinking about an Inc. article I read recently about Russian women ditching marriage to start businesses. I'm hoping that, while on the trip, I might encounter some women who can elaborate on the female startup/tech community in Russia. It definitely seems like a fascinating phenomenon!

One of the things that I will miss while I am away is the Montreal summer. Though I will only be away for a few weeks, summer is the best time to be in the city, with so much excitement and buzz. Everyone gets outside in the summer, and in fact, I ran into two former coworkers today while I was out for a walk. At least we will still be doing a ton of walking in Russia!

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