Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Roundup

My Services Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy professor Christian Dussart mentioned this week that MIT and Harvard have teamed up to work on a revolutionary online course initiative. A few of us were wondering what was so "revolutionary" about this, so I did a bit of research today and discovered the edX press release that explains the new platform. It looks like a great resource for online learning.

Also, this week, in my From Boss to Coach class, we talked about the influence of motivation, competence, and context on performance. Inc.'s article "10 Ways to Motivate Anyone" brings up a lot of the same points that we noted in class.

Sadly, I cannot talk much about my Managers and Negotiation course on my blog since we are pretty much sworn to secrecy in the course, promising not to divulge any information that would sour the experience for future cohorts. I can say, though, that this class has been a lot of fun so far and I am looking forward to my assignment that involves interviewing a skilled negotiator.

Today, I spent nearly the entire day reading for next week's Digital Marketing course, so that I can write the Major League Baseball (MLB) case before my busy volunteer training weekend for C2-MTL. It's overwhelming looking at my calendar and seeing all that I need to accomplish within the next month, but as always, I can do it!

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