Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to the Books

I have to admit that it's extremely hard to focus on my return to schoolwork today now that the fun of C2-MTL is, sadly, over. It was an amazing week of conferences, new friends, cool ideas, and of course volunteer work which involved being a personal concierge to the speakers. I had the opportunity to spend time with speakers Dr. Rex Jung and Jennifer Yuh Nelson, as well as participants of the event, which happened to include winning emerging entrepreneur Hicham Ratnani (founder of Modasuite and Frank & Oak) who I met last week. See a photo of Hicham and me from the new PHI Centre below.

Despite my late night at the Finale Party featuring Moby, this morning I attended my film screening with my P8 team to watch the NFB's upcoming documentary about women in Canada. It was quite an emotional and touching film and I am looking forward to developing the marketing plan for it with my team in July! We had a great meeting after the screening and one of my teammates already proposed an excellent suggestion for the film's title.

Now, I am awaiting a make-up course for my Selling and Negotiating class which will be this evening. In the meantime, it is back to the books as I catch up on my work in the library.

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