Thursday, May 17, 2012

For Peanuts

AméricaEconomía Intelligence has just released the 2012 MBA Global Ranking Results and HEC Montreal is placed in the number 14 spot! See the list of the top 33 schools here.

Yesterday's webcom speakers raised some excellent points about social media that were helpful in my preparation for my meeting with my Digital Marketing team today. My team meeting went well this morning and I am now ready to do my part for our JetBlue on Twitter (@JetBlue) presentation.

This afternoon, the HEC Montreal MBA students had a unique opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through a Lunch and Learn event that was organized by one of our classmates. We had the chance to hear Hicham Ratnani, founder of Frank & Oak, discuss his career trajectory that ultimately led him to establish an e-commerce men's fashion business.

At one point, Hicham said that "you can't do entrepreneurship part-time." This reminded me of two young women Keeley and Erika who started a peanut butter business called Wild Squirrel Nut Butter and were recently featured on Shark Tank. On the episode, Kevin O'Leary stated that it would be implausible for the girls to continue at university while still focusing on the business demands.

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