Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time is Money

A few weeks ago, my team member had approached me about an idea that he and another classmate had called "Brown Bag Lunches." Essentially, he realized that each of us has a talent, one that other people would be interested in learning about, in order to achieve some type of self-improvement. For example, some fellow MBA students have great PowerPoint skills, while others excel at giving oral presentations. My team member envisaged that it would be ideal to have informal lunches where those who have a particular skill would be able to share their tips for success with others. I was flattered that my teammate had asked me to present at one of these Brown Bag Lunches to speak about my time management abilities.

During lunchtime today, I gave my time management workshop and I am very pleased with the positive feedback. It was great to be able to share my tips and tricks, and I hope that everyone who attended was able to walk away with new insight into time management. I have to congratulate Hassan and Sam, my classmates, for organizing the Brown Bag Lunch initiative. I'm looking forward to attending future workshops!

Right after today's workshop, my group presented our Ski Mont St-Bruno case for IT Management. I'm definitely getting some great practice for the upcoming case competition!

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