Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility

Just a few hours ago, my CSR team had our dress rehearsal for our case competition. We used last year's case to present our recommendations to our coach (our former Ethics and Governance professor) and two fellow students. We were fortunate to get great practice and feedback, which will certainly be beneficial for our upcoming competition. This week, I have been speaking with the HEC Montreal's Communications Department on my team's behalf, and it turns out that, if our team makes the top three, then press releases will be sent out. I hope we get there!

Apparently, York University has been ranked first among Canadian schools in the U.I. GreenMetric Global Sustainability survey (video below). I hope that doesn't give their team an added advantage in the competition!


With so much talk about CSR, this article about social networking and ethics in the workplace caught my eye. I'll definitely be keeping the solution at the end of the article in mind as we formulate the recommendations for our case.

It's hard to believe that finals begin in only two days! Although I've been studying, I've also obviously been distracted by the case competition. In a way, it's been great to be looking forward to something other than the dreaded final exams.

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