Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to School

I was back to school today and it was harder than I thought it would be. I was prepared, as usual, having done my readings during the break. That wasn't really the problem. I just found that everyone was getting swept up in the pressure of knowing that assignments are due now and finals are next week already, while I'm having the opposite reaction. I'm so calm and collected that I'm nervous I'm doing something wrong. It's a really bizarre sensation.

Weird feelings aside, I was pretty excited about a couple things that happened today. First of all, my CSR team had the chance to meet with Anik Low, a student from last year's HEC Montreal team. We got some great pointers from her about last year's Rotman CSR case competition which I am sure will now be the first things our team will address. I can't wait!

The second great news of the day was the announcement of the company we will be working with for our HEC Challenge course in P4. The company is Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois, a chocolate factory. Not only am I a candy connoisseur, I am also a regular Food Network viewer who watches any show that mentions chocolate (Cake Challenges, Unwrapped, etc.). To say I am looking forward to this is an understatement.

Being in a Marketing class right now has shaped my perspective about products, brands, and images. I read an article today about under-promising and over-delivering which made me think about Bernard Szederkenyi, VP of Customer Management at Koodo Mobile. He contacted me through my blog, having seen that I'd done some research on Koodo for school. He later took several hours out of his today to assist my team with our Marketing project. I was so thrilled and delighted by his genuine help that I have told this story to others and I would now recommend Koodo's service to anyone seeking a Canadian cell phone carrier. What was the cost to him? A few hours of his time. The positive potential for business? Huge. To me, this is a great example of what the article described.

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