Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Beginning

I'm taking a break from my very dense Budgetary Control reading to post an update. P2 has begun! My new classes are as follows:  Macroeconomics, Managing within Organizations, Ethics and Governance, Budgetary Control, and Statistics. We already have team assignments for the two theory classes that we should begin working on.

In between classes today, we held a very successful international potluck. I am so appreciative of everyone who participated and I am so grateful that everyone took the time to make and bring in their dishes. It was such a great opportunity to taste cuisines from around the globe. This week I'll be working on two upcoming International Affairs projects that I hope will be as successful as this one.

I was so happy in Ethics class today when the professor explained that he will be using a blog on Blogger to post interesting articles! Great thing I already check Blogger frequently!

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