Friday, October 28, 2011

Listen to the Math

This morning was our Finance workshop, where I was sufficiently frightened for P3. For P1, Accounting was my biggest trouble. In P2, I have Statistics. Obviously, in P3 it will be Finance. At least I am tackling things that scare me and I'm clearly challenging myself. In the end, I will probably learn more about myself than I will about the actual material. Fortunately, I will have many opportunities in the future to enhance my budding business math knowledge.

We are now halfway through P2 and these next three weeks are going to be crazy! I'm already starting to think about finals, especially since I will need a lot of help with Stats. Hopefully, our professor will post some sample finals on ZoneCours soon, so I can start reviewing with the more advanced students. I can't believe this final is going to be worth 70% (and I can say that with over 99.9% confidence)!

As for my career prospects, I am happy to report that my network seems to be responding positively to the messages I'm sending out. It's definitely exciting to think about the future possibilities! In related news, I have agreed to be an MBA tour guide for the HEC open house on November 13. It's the weekend before finals, but I know the experience will be more valuable than a few extra hours of studying.

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