Monday, October 3, 2011

International Relations

This article about globalization at business schools really piqued my interest. It's something I've been thinking about ever since I started my MBA at HEC. What's funny is that the article points out the lack of globalization at American business schools, but at HEC, I find that the opposite is true. It is the most diverse environment I have ever been in! In fact, my group consists of four members and we come from four different countries. I've had the opportunity to learn so much from my classmates due to our international backgrounds. Furthermore, I noticed that in Phase 2, we have a globalization course. I really have to applaud HEC for incorporating an important aspect into our program:  the international component.

When I studied Linguistics at McGill, I felt so fortunate to learn about languages in a prominently bilingual city. It created a perfect setting to demonstrate the linguistic theories we were learning. Once again, I feel that I'm in the same position. I think that studying International Business at HEC will give me a great chance to learn from my peers about their previous work and cultural experiences.

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