Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Today was a big day! I guess all the excitement for the week was saved for the very end. We started off the morning with the dreaded Finance quiz, but I feel like all of my daily studying actually paid off. Of course there were questions that left me dumbfounded, but for the most part, I felt that I finally had a solid mastery of a majority of the material. I am shocked, but I also know that with perseverance and determination, I can accomplish anything.

Between classes, we had a birthday celebration for the December babies. Happy Birthday from the AEMBA (and thanks for giving me an excuse to eat chocolate cake)!

In the afternoon, we had our final class in 2011. The next time we sit in a classroom, it will be a new year. After class, it was officially vacation, but I had to wait around at school since I had a CSR case competition try-out at 6:00. To kill time, I joined the students who were preparing for the MBA Games to see what they were up to. It turned out that they were working on their lip dub video and needed a short person to fill in, and there I was, ready to take on my surprise role. I'm looking forward to seeing if they use one of my takes for the final version! It was at least a fun and relaxing way to spend some time before trying out for the case competition. But that brings me to the other thing I'm anticipating - whether I made the team! I hope to find out soon!

This is now the first evening of my vacation and I will happily enjoy it. I wish happy holidays, a wonderful new year, and safe travels to those who I will not see during the vacation! Good luck at the MBA Games to those who are competing!

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