Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Today was my new group's first presentation for P3. We did a Marketing Management presentation on Koodo Mobile. Here you can go ahead and view my portions of our assignment. The only positive feedback I have received thus far from the professor:  I wore an appropriate outfit. Finally, my fashion consciousness has paid off!


  1. I confirm: appropriate outfit and it's true that you always demonstrate a high fashion consciousness ;-) You have great presentation skills: good tone and pace, appropriate hands gestures and you seem to be really confident (and believe !) in what you are saying. Targeting temporary visitors is a good suggestion, but don't forget to give suggestions on how to implement the recommendations (what can they introduce in their product offering).
    If I may, I have 3 recommendations for your team based on that video and my experience in presentations:
    - be coherent in the way you all dress (you must appear as a team, not as individuals with different business fashion consciousness)
    - use a clicker (to be more fluent in your story and avoid interrupting your presentation each time you have to change slide
    - and finally, in the MBA context, show that you understood the concepts learned in class by applying them and making them obvious and avoid giving definitions (like you did - very clearly - for segmentation, targeting and positioning)
    Again, congratulations for your presentation, and thank you for sharing your MBA experience. I will contact you soon about your blog for a mandate I'm working on for HEC Montreal.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it and I will share it with my group. And I'm very excited to hear about what this mandate might be...

  3. Hello Lori!

    Congratulations on your presentation! My name is Bernard and I work for Koodo Mobile leading our Customer Management team. Our goal as an organization, like many others, is to maximize profit at the end of the day. Given that our industry is still structured around fairly heavy subsidization of handsets, return on that investment takes several months, sometimes even a year. Seniors, who often have less disposable income tend to spend less on a monthly bases,(low ARPU)therefore contributing to a longer ROI cycle. That is partially the reason why we have not made that segment a focal target of ours. Of course we don't want to alienate them, and lots of them join us as is, we decided to aim our marketing messages at the more profitable segments of the mobile market. More than happy to share any other info that I can if you feel it is going to help your team.

  4. Hello Bernard. I appreciate your input. Our next assignment will be on Koodo's Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategy. Do you think you'd be able to assist us with that?

  5. Happy to help if you are looking for some insights Lori! Drop me a note at bernard. szederkenyi @ koodomobile.com and we can set up some time to chat. We are based in Toronto, if anyone of your group's participants are in town for whatever reason we can set up a meeting at our office, otherwise we can make it a call. Let me know!