Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the News

There were really cool things in the news today! First of all, there was an article that talked about why corporate America needs to train its women to be future leaders. Okay, so it was an article about Girl Scouts, but still, it emphasized the point that more women need to be in executive positions!

Also, there was an article about Pixar, which was timely considering that our Managing within Organizations reading for the week is about Pixar. The article is a perfect thing to note during our class discussion, especially since it points out Pixar's unique culture.

Lastly, there was an ethics-related article on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. It perfectly sums up the theme for Week 6 of our Ethics and Governance class, which will be coming up quite soon. The article even mentions Google, which is the company my team will be investigating!

As for my day today, I had a meeting with Genevieve Cote in the Career Management Services and had an AEMBA 5@7 where we discussed our student association objectives for the year.

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