Wednesday, November 23, 2011

City Zen

My life is insane! People had told me that P1 is hard, P2 is worse, and P3 is the worst. I honestly did not even believe that could be possible. I thought everyone was exaggerating. But it is seriously true. It's not feasible to go straight from P2 exams into the first week of P3 and not already be behind within only a couple days. The crazy thing is that the profs are requiring us to do a lot of frequent readings and assignments, to be on top of everything every week.

After class today, I met with a friend of a friend to discuss job opportunities at McGill. It was great to have a chance to hear the truthfully good and bad sides of working there. We'll see where this might lead!

When I got home, I had a piece of mail waiting for me from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. I was getting so jealous that Jimmy, one of the other MBA students, had his Canadian citizenship ceremony today, and I still had not heard from CIC. Fortunately, this was the news I was waiting for - my citizenship oath will be in two weeks!

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