Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breathe In, Breathe Out

We're in the middle of Week 3 and we're getting slammed with assignments this week! Even though we knew it would be coming, as my team member said today, it feels so different now that we actually have them. It's quite overwhelming! However, I think the key will be to take deep breaths and manage our time wisely. With efficient prioritization, I strongly believe my group can make it through until the end of our six-week P1 with great results and manageable stress levels.

Even though I had received an email today about taking other French courses outside of HEC, I think I will have to pick my battles and pass on that opportunity. Instead, hopefully, I will be able to act as Director of International Affairs for the student association (AEMBA). I guess if the AEMBA does not work out, then French language courses will still be an option. However, I think doing both would be too much. Kudos to anyone who can participate in both!

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