Thursday, September 6, 2012

Women in Leadership

Most of the news here in Quebec seems to be focused on the recent election and all the activity that has surrounded it. Although I do not agree with the political views of Pauline Marois, the new premier elect, I feel it is noteworthy to mention that she also obtained her MBA from HEC Montreal. You can find the Montreal Gazette's profile of the new Quebec leader here.

Though Marois and I, both female professionals, obtained our MBAs from HEC Montreal, our alma mater is not generally known for its women attendees. Rather, McGill University, my other alma mater, was noted in the Toronto Star for having "more women students than any other MBA program in the country" (see the article here). The Star underlines the importance of having women in leadership positions and that an MBA can help us to get there.

Now that the majority of my MBA graduates and I are in the midst of our job hunts, it is apt to share the following article from the Globe and Mail:  "Tweet, blog and network your way to a new job." The article outlines excellent tips for this vital career process. Good luck to my fellow graduates as you embark on your exciting job searches!

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