Monday, September 17, 2012

In a New York Minute

I've been in New York City (NYC) since Thursday night and it's hard to believe what a whirlwind experience this has been. After taking a relaxing 12-hour train from Montreal to NYC with no wireless internet, I've settled into a fast-paced Big Apple life. While here, I've had the chance to see friends, family, and business connections, as well as new and exciting people.

For the most part, my trip was planned around Saturday's MBA Candidate Workshop for the QS TopMBA Connect launch, where I was a speaker. In addition to helping prospective MBA students navigate their processes, I had the opportunity to meet the other speakers, more QS employees, and representatives from various MBA programs around the world who were working at the MBA fair in the afternoon. While at the fair, I managed the Admit Advantage booth with company founders Eric Allen and Kofi Kankam (who was a fellow speaker). Below is a photo of the potential MBA students who were eager to register for Admit Advantage's free consulting session.

As my trip winds down, I am sad to have to leave this buzzing city soon. Fortunately, I have agreed to keep in touch with the new people I've met, and of course, modern technology makes everything easier. We shall see what the future holds!

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