Thursday, June 4, 2015

30 for 30: Day 4

I am truly buzzing right now. While it might be from the vegan mocha muffins my boss ordered to celebrate my birthday (obviously another non-raw vegan exception), I'm pretty sure it's because of the amazing interactions I've had today. As a classic extrovert, I gain energy from social encounters and my current energetic state is proof of that.

My day began with a cardio and ab session at the gym, and then I headed to work where I sifted through my email inbox while listening to 18 new songs by Florence + the Machine that my friend Lenneal had shared with me.

The excitement of my day began this afternoon, though, when I had a chance to interview rising band Phase Five on Periscope at the Famous Birthdays office. In doing so, I interacted with 5 new people who were inspirational, as they are pursing their musical dreams of stardom. I was particularly inspired by group member Alex Odon, as he talked about how Celine Dion's (yay - Quebec pride!) transition from French to English motivated him to follow in her footsteps. Before ending the interview, the group also serenaded us with a couple impressive a cappella numbers, adding more new songs to my list (photos below).

Interviewing Phase Five on Periscope (pictured here with Jeremiah)

Phase Five singing at Famous Birthdays on Periscope

Phase Five singing at Famous Birthdays on Periscope

Once the Periscope ended and we said our good-byes, I was honored to hear band member Jeremiah's feedback to me, as he noted that I was a great interviewer and made him feel really comfortable and at ease. This brings me to my positive affirmation of the day:  I am talented. It's so encouraging that I've been getting so many wonderful responses lately to my on-camera work, both at Famous Birthdays and with Unbreakable Missy & Lori. My mom even emailed me today saying, "I keep watching your 1st episode of Kelly Smith, and I get more of a kick out of it each time I see it. Cool indeed!!"

After the Phase Five team departed our office and I left work, I wanted to soak up some sunshine while I could, after the quite overcast day. So I walked to the beach and meditated while I basked in the glow of another successful Periscope session.

On my way back from the beach, I realized that I had completely forgotten to ask Phase Five group member JayC if he has seen the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. While preparing for today's interview, I had noted that JayC was from Indiana, and must be familiar with the series, due to the titular character's home state being the same as his. So I reached out to him on Instagram and discovered that he is indeed a fan!

I was happy to hear that, since during my prep, all I could think of were two Indiana-related jokes from the show. Upon hearing that Kimmy is from Indiana, the following two lines are said:

1. From Lillian: "In Diana? But I hardly know Diana!"
2. From Titus: "That explains why you're so basic."

My social interactions continued this evening, as I met up with my friend Steph, who caught me up on the details of her recent engagement, a wonderful story of love. As we sat at juice bar The Hive (a cool new Santa Monica locale), we shared our life updates and strengthened our friendship. Steph also surprised me with a wonderful birthday card and gift, a beautiful orchid pictured below, and told me that she was delighted I was able to reschedule so that we could meet today rather than Tuesday. I expressed my gratitude for the continued birthday wishes, and yet again, I am truly thankful for the talented, amazing, and reliable network of people I know.

Orchid from my friend Steph

With yet another exciting day behind me of doing exactly what I wanted to do (and another social media post for Unbreakable Missy & Lori up), I would say that Day 4 was quite a success.

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