Friday, November 8, 2013

The Happiest Woman on Earth

Recently, I've seen a couple interesting articles in tech news. One such article in Wired was written by Chris Bosh, NBA player for the Miami Heat, and explained why you should learn to code. It was fascinating to learn that this professional basketball player was raised by tech-savvy parents and their influence led him to focus on computers. His article demonstrates that he is a great role model due to his skills in both athletics and technology.

Secondly, the Silicon Valley Business Journal noted that "more business grads ditch finance, opt for tech jobs." More MBA graduates are selecting tech positions, rather than finance, so that they can do something innovative and make an impact. I'm not surprised, considering that I would be grouped into this category.

Due to the importance of technology, and especially Google, all employees of Single Grain are now getting Google Analytics certification. I've been spending the majority of the day studying for this, so I can pass the test by our company's deadline. Wish me luck!

I am also happy to share that I finally went to Disneyland (photos below)! On Saturday, I went with three of my friends to the happiest place on Earth. It was a magical day and the perfect way to round out my one year anniversary in Los Angeles.

In front of the Christmas decorated castle

Awaiting the Halloween themed Haunted Mansion ride

With the Mad Hatter and Alice


  1. Meaningful Post as usual ... to add to your point on lots of B-school Grad going techy... just read this one, i really liked the insights here ...