Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Slam Dunk

Although I had never before been to a professional basketball game, in the past week, I attended two Lakers games. Fortunately, the Lakers won both days and beat the Pelicans and the Pistons, even winning attendees free tacos at both games. After chatting with my colleagues about the games and learning how interested they were in the NBA, I coordinated a company event for us to go to a January Clippers vs. Celtics game. We're all looking forward to our Single Grain LA branch event!

Lakers game at the Staples Center

When it comes to professional sports, though, I have developed a recent love for football. That's why I found Inc.'s article "The Warren Buffett Story That Inspired a Pro Football Team" particularly noteworthy.

In business-related matters, I was interested to see this list of the 50 most beautiful business schools in the world. Though I was surprised that HEC Montreal was not listed, I was happy to see that Russia's Moscow School of Management Skolkovo building was there. I was truly fascinated by the building when I visited it during my Campus Abroad program. Montreal did get credit, however, for being the 10th smartest city in North America in Fast Company. I'd say that's a slam dunk for my beloved Montreal!

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