Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter in Wonderland

I am told quite frequently that I resemble Ellie Kemper from The Office, so I thought it was about time that I create a side-by-side image of the two of us. This is my holiday gift to my blog readers. You're welcome!

Since I last posted, I have been keeping up my busy schedule of work and networking events. During the past couple weeks I've attended the following:

These events have helped to shape my understanding of the LA tech/startup community and given me an opportunity to meet countless people. Now that it's holiday time, it's kind of sad to see my calendar so empty until well into the new year.

Though there are Christmas decorations all around, including the above display at Santa Monica Place, it doesn't quite feel like December here. There are sunny, clear skies nearly every day, which is why I asked my Montreal friends to show me their snowy apartment view on Skype today. While I miss the snow and I feel confused about the season, I am so happy that I made the move to LA. I'm looking forward to spending the next few days enjoying all that I have around me.

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