Friday, November 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Returning to my home country has proven to be more challenging than one might think, on an administrative level. Between shifting bank accounts to getting a new driver's license, I am considered a foreigner as far as most institutions are concerned. I have discovered that people in LA have generally been extremely welcoming, though, and they're excited to hear that I moved all the way from Montreal!

I have been spending these past few days procuring an apartment lease and then spending the remainder of my time establishing myself at my new place. Fortunately, I have also had some free time, which I've spent along the beach and with friends. In fact, I met up with a friend who is launching his startup next week and I reviewed his executive summary in preparation for the impending date. I was pleased that insight from my MBA provided me with a critical eye to review his document.

I also managed to attend the Drinking Liberally Election Night Watch Party, as well as the first-ever Daily Muse meet-up (see photos from the 10 city event here). As always, these events provided me with a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about my new neighborhood. Additionally, I got to see a familiar face today when one of my fellow MBA graduates stopped by on his way to San Francisco. I'm looking forward to welcoming more friends as they pass through LA!

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