Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks

I have now completed one and a half weeks (the half due to American Thanksgiving) at my new job as Operations Manager at bLife. I'm happy to report that I absolutely love my position and the employees are great to work with. There are many fun aspects to my role, including planning our business trips and team-building activities. I also feel so honored to be working in Silicon Beach, the heart of LA's startup community.

As I settle into my new apartment, I'm looking forward to the stage when I'll be hanging artwork and coordinating the final touches. In fact, my friend Shane Turner who is an artist in Montreal will be creating a painting for me, which he hinted at in a recent interview with 102.7 FM, LA's number one hit music station.

I have been keeping in touch with other friends in Montreal, too, especially members of my MBA cohort. As a matter of fact, the video above was created by a classmate from my MBA who launched a video editing business. You'll see clips of me peppered throughout the video! Canadian Business also released "The MBA programs that lead to the biggest pay raises" and HEC Montreal is highly ranked on the list. 

Obviously, I'm still following the news in Canada and was happy to see the Fast Company article "This is Canada, by Canadians, for Americans (and Everyone Else)." The consumer-generated video that bucks the Canadian stereotype was facilitated by Tourism Canada can be viewed below.

I've certainly had some interesting and exciting experiences since I've moved here. For example, I had my first celebrity sighting (John Slattery of Mad Men). Also, since my driver's license was from Quebec (and even though I originally passed my driving tests in New Jersey), I had to take both a written and behind-the-wheel driving test. I'm glad to say that I passed the tests the first time around.

In the spirit of this week's Thanksgiving holiday, I also wanted to say that I am grateful for my close friend Lior (a friend from McGill), who has been so amazing in inviting me to so many activities here in LA. I went to an album release party with her, as well as a Thanksgiving potluck. I'm also thankful for the sunny weather and all that I get to experience here in Los Angeles in my new life on the west coast.

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